Accountants on London
Tompkins Wake Lawyers
Dr Kathryn Pavlovich (private donation)
Stainless Design
Patricia Avenue School
Harcourts Hamilton
Brian Perry Charitable Trust
Trust Waikato
Electrical Supply Corp
Brendon Hawke (private donation)
David Reid Homes Waikato
Waikato Chamber of Commerce
Child Cancer Foundation
Patricia Avenue School
P.W. Longley (private donation)
CSC Buying Group
Jucy Group Limited
Joy Adams (Singer)
Department on Legs (Department of Labour)
Life Community Services
Dream Chaser Foundation
Pacific Aerospace Corporation
Waikato Aeroclub
A L Jordan (private donation)
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Social Club
Canteen (Waikato)
ANZ Bank (The Base Hamilton)
James Street School Special Needs Unit
Ross MacDonald (Pilot/Whakatane) Volunteer
Alison Pavlovich (private donation)
Fly n'Kiss (France)
Waikato Hospital
Leukaemia & Blood Cancer NZ
Amy Alpe & Lucy Jordan (private donation)
TICHEMJA Trust (private donation)
Z Energy (Good in the Hood)
Kaka Street Special School
James Street Special School
Hamilton North Special School
Noel Leeming (The Base, Hamilton)
Karen Nicholson (Photographer)
CTC Aviation (Hamilton NZ)
Airways New Zealand
S.F. & S.A Cook Limited (Licenced Retailer of Z Limited)
Rotary Club of Morrinsville (INC)
Trust Waikato
European Specialists Ltd
ANZ Staff Foundation
Colin Wade (Owner Foster Construction)
George Walker (Whakatane Pilot-private sponsor)
Blomfield Special School
Fairhaven Special School
Kowhai Special School
M. M. Hamilton (private donation)
Ivan Pavlovich & Co (private donations from his 85th party)
Community Living Limited
Nelson Aeroclub
Canterbury Aeroclub
Maitai School
Ferndale School
Allenvale Specialist School
Waitaha School
Sara Cohen School
Ruru Specialist Scool
Otago Aeroclub
Hamilton Airport
Sommerville School
Parkside School

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