The aircraft are maintained to Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) standards.

The aircraft have the latest safety equipment on board.  

Passengers are always well briefed before departure.

Flights are of short duration and are conducted near major airfields.

The aircraft only fly in VFR (Visual Flight Rules) conditions when the weather is CAVOK

The pilots are well qualified and specialised in the particular aircraft they are flying.

When flying special needs passengers in the back seats of aircraft, we insist on another pilot or experienced carer to be up front who is in a position to handle any on-board events that would otherwise distract the pilot flying the aircraft.

We require written approval from a parent or carer see our PROTOCOL PAGE

If for any reason the special passenger/s is uncomfortable before the flight and changes his/her mind about the flight, we will have no hesitation in cancelling the flight.  In-flight if the same situation occurs we will immediately return to the airport.

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